Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Organic Lives 1829 Quebec Street Vancouver, BC V5T 1B1

Not a win win for me but grateful folks like this are around, the concept is sweet and sensitive but you have to be really committed.

The creativity is exceptional...I almost am double thinking the rating.  But I rate this based on my taste and hopefully the narrative matters too.

Don't like the hot chocolate do like the sesame crackers and dips (the platter)the woman serving me initially was very nice but afterward the new server was snobby and short I actually felt awkward ordering more. Than the lady who checked me out was warm and sweet and no wasn't actually "checking me out" lol The tortilla soup was pretty cool literally and figuratively. Nothing like the Oaxaca tortilla soup hot and crunchy and light...this was thick cold but the cilantro and the spice and corn went really really well.

I'd go here again but the hot choc was gritty and tasted like water more than cocoa which at $7 a mug is a bit sad also u gotta wanna sacrifice awesome taste for health on some options which Vancouveriets are often willing to do so ....3 utensils up, I'd go again but it's not my favorite place.