Friday, 16 March 2012

Cardero's 1583 Coal Harbour Quay Coal Harbour Vancouver, BC

Hmmmm scallops and salmon very very fishy mind you when your on a date with a fisherman the bar is set very very high :) We both agreed that the vibe in this place hasn't changed in ten years nor has the food or drinks.  While its all good its not the Vantastic it once was.  The scallops were undercooked, the accompanying sauce was bland and pale as was the rice with peas..alot of white on white which in decor is very now but in food is very very booring.  I feel bad to say it though because I know everyone tries so hard and the service was spectacular but the level of creativity and culinary mastery that a foodie who lives in Gastown is privy to sets up arguably an unfair expectation.

The view and ambiance are uber cool with large model planes and the feeling your dining in a classy ship yard with a cluster of gorgeous sail boats and yachts adorning the enormous has to appreciate it all ....but still the kitchen left us wanting ...oh p.s they were willing to make the chicken noodle dish vegetarian and the flavors were pleasant with a slight kick...not a bad dish...I'd go again but its not my fav...3 utensils up!