Saturday, 24 March 2012

Stepho's 1124 Davie St Vancouver, BC V6E1N1

Ok the food doesn't  photograph well but it was awesome!!! 

The vegetarian option however was a bit of a heart attack as you can see...we called it Mt Help us!  On a positive note though I was able to take the leftovers with me on my birthday getaway to a cabin in Harrison Lake ...they lasted me for breakfast lunch and dinner the whole next day lol :)

Service awesome...worth the 20 minute wait to get seated...a Vancouver tradition totally must do!

A must is the Retsina, a traditional Greek wine flavored with pine resin and its to die for ...light and flavorful even those at my party who don't like wine loved it...I actually ended up wearing it when someone knocked the table..:D 

Some of the  above do include meat as my guests were carnivorous ;)

4 utensils up...almost perfect but not quite but oh so close :)

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