Monday, 26 March 2012

Nautical Nellies Steak & Seafood House, Victoria BC

Four utensils up!!!! This place is great!  Love stopping in when on the island :) 

I had the scrumtrulescent crab cakes and my daughter had fantastic halibut fish n chips with homemade broccoli coleslaw.

They totally knocked the crab cakes out of the drooly!!

The service was really great, we went mid afternoon so had the place almost to ourselves...the aromas from the kitchen were so BC good it was a delight just being there!

Others have said this place isn't all its cracked up to be but I disagree, in the decade Ive been going they have managed to stay relevant and up to date in their menu.

Often the classic places like this stalemate and become good but boring (click to see Cardero's review). Nellies on the other hand keeps it fresh tasty and true to the Beautiful seafood us BCers are spoiled to access.

4 utensils all the way up...very nearly perfect :)