Sunday, 11 March 2012

Cafe Du Soleil (604) 254-1145 1393 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

BEST BREAKFAST IN VANCITY all utensils up! :)

As a vegetarian and someone who likes to reduce gluten where possible this gem and literal "hole in the wall" is by far my favorite spot in Vancouver.  The humble mixture of thoughtful handmade eats and treats sets it apart from all the rest.  Nearly always full the best time to go is an unusual time like a Tuesday at 10:30, weekends are busy but worth it!

BEST Gluten Free Bread BAR NONE!
BEST Veggie sausages as well...handmade and big and delicious..pair them with the miso gravy and fall into breakfast heaven.
Don't confuse this one with the other one.  Click for map
This Cafe Du Soleil is the original and though its tiny its a million light years better :)
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